How does a virus get on my computer?

February 23, 2014

How does a virus get on my computer?


These days it’s easy to become infected with some type of virus. The usual ways are:

We install a program & click ‘NEXT’ & ‘NEXT’ & don’t take the time to read the boxes as they appear during the install. Even the most trusted software companies may install third party programs if we don’t opt out by un-checking some box or radio button. Those third party programs often take over our browsers by changing our home page or search engine & more trouble ensues.

Or…While browsing the web an Internet advertisement or window appears that says your computer is infected or that a certain plug-in is required. Without fully understanding what it is you’re getting, you accept the prompt. If in doubt, Google it.

And then there’s:
Opening e-mail attachments. Email attachments, even when from a co-worker, friend, or family member can cause trouble if they aren’t as careful as you. E-mail addresses can be faked and even when not faked your acquaintance may unsuspectingly be forwarding you an infected file. When receiving an e-mail with an attachment, if the e-mail was not expected or from someone you don’t know; delete it. If the e-mail is from someone you know you should still be cautious when opening the attachment.

Another way we might receive a virus is: Downloading infected software
When downloading any software, including games, make sure you’re downloading the software from a reliable source and while installing it you’re reading all prompts about what the program is putting on your computer.

If ever you do get some nasty virus on your computer we here at Ed’s ComputerWorks can fix the problem. Happy surfing & be careful. It’s a jungle out there!


Hide The Trash Can

October 21, 2006
Hide The Trash Can


Being a fastidious person (now there’s a word for ya:~ ) I don’t keep my trash can on the front porch. I don’t want to see the thing coming & going. One day a week when the trash man cometh is enough.


I feel the same way about the trash can (Recycle Bin) the ‘front porch’ of my desktop. This tip is going to show you how to take out the trash. That is, remove the garbage can from your desktop.


This tip involves editing the registry via a script. First thing to do is backup the registry.


We are going to add the Recycle Bin to Folder Options. You will be able to hide the thing or make it show its ugly self once again depending on your mood. Using Notepad (START, Accessories) copy & paste this script:





“Text”=”Show Recycle Bin icon on the desktop”







Once you’ve pasted that into Notepad, hit FILE, SAVE AS, and name it Binopt.reg. 

Take note where it says to SAVE IN & once saved go to the script & double-click it.   
Now comes the fun part.   
To hide or show the Recycle Bin icon using Folder Options, do this:  
1.In Windows Explorer, go to Tools menu, click Folder Options.  
2.On the View tab, under Advanced Settings, do one or the other:  
•Select the Show Recycle Bin icon on the desktop check box to show the 
  icon on your desktop.  
•Clear the Show Recycle Bin icon on the desktop check box to remove the icon 
  from your desktop.  
All together now, Cool Beans!  

Google Answers Via Text Messaging

October 21, 2006

Ever wanted to Google when out & about with no computer? Maybe you need directions, a phone number, the latest Redskins score or the weather. Ever thought of using your cell phone? You can & you don’t need the internet to do it. You can text Google!

Here are Google’s directions:
1.Start a new text message and type in your search query
2.Send the message to the number “46645” (GOOGL)
3.You’ll receive text message(s) with results

Here is the Google website for this Google Short Message Service
You can give it a test spin at the website.